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Just some of our services.

At Rowan Oaks we have learned over the years that people want what they want.  Bring us a picture or show us something from the internet and we can usually have it made or make it in house.  All of our custom furniture is handmade with pride!


At Rowan Oaks Furniture and Painting we can take your heirlooms and make the fresh again. If it needs to be painted, that is our specialty. If you would like it stripped and stained,  no problem. We would with the best stripping company around and they will take your pieces to the bare wood and we will refinish to any color imaginable. 

If you have an old piece of furniture that needs to be tightened or repaired, let us take a look. If it can be done we can do it!


Our Manufactures are specialist in the solid wood business. From Archbold Furniture Co. founded in 1900 to Parker Chair Co in Colfax, LA working on their 4th generation to Whitewood Furniture Industries the largest importer of all wood, unfinished furniture in the nation we get nothing but the best in the business. Handmade or manufacture, you get it your finished your way.  

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